Have you ever wondered how durable modern windshields can be? It’s quite common to hear stories of windshield destruction during intense car accidents. Many people know of at least one person that collided with a deer and […]
Fundamentally, modern vehicles have used the same type of windshield since the beginning of the auto industry: a simple, three-layer design that features industrial strength sticky plastic sandwiched between two layers of specially hardened glass. […]
Violence throughout the world breeds never-ending safety concerns. In the case of world leaders and political heads, groups prefer utilizing cars with ultimate protection so that they can easily escape in case of a threat […]
We all enjoy the convenience of connected cars in our lives. But the next step in auto-tech connectivity is giving many experts cause for concern. Safety experts in particular are taking issue with what could be […]
Windshield replacement can be costly and inconvenient. This is especially true if you don’t find a reputable windshield replacement firm or if the wrong windshield is selected for purchase. Connect Auto Glass provides emergency windshield […]
One of the most likely places a sticker or decal can be found on a car is on its windshield. And on some cars, you have to wonder if the person has turned his windshield […]
If large trucks are required to accomplish the purpose of your business, you have an enemy lurking over the horizon. Whether you haul people or petroleum, your most prolific opponent is not fuel costs, theft, […]
Your windshield blocks snow, wind, rain, and sleet while offering clear visibility. However, since it is made of glass, its inherently fragile nature makes it prone to damage and breakage. Windshield cracks are a pain, […]